See Relevance Concepts and Terminology for definitions of collector, visitor and visit.


Collectors are configured in the repository at


Each child node specifies one collector. The node name is the ID of the collector. Each collector node has one mandatory property:

  • targeting:className The fully qualified Java class name of the collector implementation


    jcr:primaryType: targeting:collector
    targeting:className: com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.collectors.GeoIPCollector

Depending on the collector, more configuration properties may be available to configure the collector (see Collector Configurations).

Available Collectors

The following collectors are available by default:

Class Name *) Collected Targeting Data Update Frequency
ChannelCollector The IDs of all visited channels. Every request
DayOfWeekCollector The day of the week on which a channel is visited. The day is based on the time on the server side, not the time on the client side. Every request
DocumentTypesCollector The type of documents a user has seen (i.e. the relative content beans of visited pages). Every request
GeoIPCollector The city, country, continent, latitude, and longitude of the visitor, based on its IP address. Every new visit
GroupsCollector The group a logged-in visitor belongs to. Every request
PageViewsCollector The visited page URLs Every request
ReferrerCollector The web page that led the visitor to our site. The first visit
ReturningVisitorCollector Whether the visitor has visited our site before or not. Every new visit
TagsCollector All tags on documents a user has seen (i.e. tags on relative content beans of visited pages). Every request
SiteSearchKeywordsCollector Keywords used to search the site. Every request

*) All collectors in the table above are located in the package com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.collectors.

A Collectors Bundle is available to bootstrap configuration for commonly used collectors in a project.

REST service

All targeting data that has been collected for the current user is available via the Relevance REST service. The CMS uses this rest service to render the Content audiences application.


This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
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