Starter Store 2.3.0 Upgrade Notes

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Here are some important notes on upgrading to Starter Store 2.3.0.

For details on the new features and improvements in this release, see the Starter Store Release Notes.


When copying products from commercetools into brSM, a "link" needs to be created between the original product stored in the commerce backend and the related copy stored in brSM. In other words, brSM needs to store product specific data which can be used to retrieve the same product from the commerce backend.

brSM provides a standard field, called variant, where product SKUs can be stored. In case products are copied from commercetools, the SKU must contain the value stored in the product key field.

Product ID Conversions in Product Documents

In the product documents (e.g. starterstoreboot:productdecorator document nodes), the identifier strings of the associated product data are stored, so that the product picker field may show a proper product title by reading the product data from the Commerce Backend Platform.

Since v2.3.0, the format of the identifier string field has changed to a format like "id=AUTO_DRIVE;code=11610". It now consists of (1) a Commerce Backend specific primary identifier (i.e. "id") and (2) a matching purpose product code between different systems (i.e. "code"). The "id" value of a product might differ in the Commerce Backend Platform (e.g. commercetools) from the "id" value of the same product in Bloomreach Discovery, but the "code" values must always be the same to match a product searched from Bloomreach Discovery with the product, in the product detail page, which may come from the Commerce Backend Platform. Data migration and synchronization tasks should ensure the "code" value to be selected and synchronized properly (e.g. a human readable code or something else such as main variant's SKU number).

In order to convert the old product identifier field values in existing product documents, navigate to Update Editor in the Admin perspective, and execute the script named "StarterStore - Reset Product Decorator External Resource IDs" once. If no error is reported, the conversion is successful.

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