Event Log Cleanup



Schedule automatic cleanup of the event log stored in the content repository.


Events posted to the Event Bus are logged in the repository. So for instance when a workflow action is performed a workflow event is posted on the event bus and then persisted in the repository event log. The event log can contain millions of items but must eventually be cleaned to prevent negative effects on performance.

Configure the Event Log Cleanup Repository Job

Automatic cleanup of the event log can be scheduled by configuring the event log repository job with the repository scheduler in the console. This configuration is located at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/scheduler/hippo:moduleconfig/system/EventLogCleanup.

The following properties are required:

  • maxitems
    Maximum number of items allowed in the event log. The recommended value for typical usage is 50000 items. A value of -1 means no maximum amount of items is configured.
  • minutestolive
    How long items should be kept after they were created. The recommended value of -1 means that truncating the event log based on the age of the item is disabled.

The recommended values mentioned above are bootstrapped when using the Maven archetype to start a project.

The job is run according to the configured cron expression in the cron trigger below the job node. At that time the event log is shrunk to maxsize items when the amount of items exceeds that number and all items that are outdated according to the minutestolive setting are removed.

If you want to change the schedule of the job, simply adjust the cron expression on the trigger. See  the quartz cron trigger tutorial for instructions on the syntax.

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