Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Concepts and Terminology

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator provides an out-of-the-box accelerator for delivering commerce-enabled experiences by integrating your commerce backend platform with Bloomreach Experience Manager and Bloomreach Discovery with minimized development effort.

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Maven plugin

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Maven plugin allows to install Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator onto your existing Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

The Maven plugin can be executed in the command line to install the modules.

Since v14.2, Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Maven plugin has replaced and oudated Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects shown below.

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects have been deprecated since v14.2. Use Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Maven plugin instead to install the modules to your exsiting Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Boot Projects are a ready-to-use Maven projects to get your Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator-based commerce-enabled digital experience application up and running. They are preconfigured for a list of supported commerce backend platforms and include a website based on components from the component library with a customizable look and feel based on templates from the template library.

There are B2C and B2B versions of the Boot Project.


BRIEF is BloomReach Integration & Enrichment Framework, a solution framework for developing commerce-enabled applications in Bloomreach Experience Manager for seamless, transparent, extensible integration and content enrichment with various commerce backend platforms.

Commerce Backend Platform

A commerce backend platform is an e-commerce platform providing core commerce functionality to the Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator

Commerce Connector SDK

The Commerce Connector SDK is a standardized API set defining interfaces and abstractions which a commerce connector module should implement to be integrated with Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator.

Commerce Connector Module

A commerce connector module is a software module package providing configurations and implementations of interfaces defined in the Commere Connector SDK for a specific commerce backend platform.

Connector Set Model

A connector set model contains all the information necessary for delivery applications to invoke and exchange messages with the services provided by the commerce backend platform. A connector set model is managed as a document in the Bloomreach Experience Manager CMS application.

Mapping Model Resource Bundle

Mapping model resource bundles are deprecated since Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator v2, which prefers the new Commerce Connector SDK-based commerce connector modules.

A mapping model resource bundle defines mappings in the different data structures provided by a commerce backend platform to a generic Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator data model. Mapping models are managed as resource bundles in the Bloomreach Experience Manager CMS application.

Component Library

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator component library contains out-of-the-box delivery components for typical commerce functionality as well as content enrichment. 

Template Library

The Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator template library contains Freemarker frontend templates for the out-of-the-box components in the component library as well as for the various pages in the default Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator website. The templates are fully customizable and can be updated in a running instance on-the-fly.


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