Configure the Form Field Autocomplete Attribute

This feature is available since Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0



Configure the autocomplete attribute on certain supported form field types.


Enterprise Forms supports the autocomplete attribute for a number of field types. The autocomplete attribute can be used to hint to the user agent how to, or indeed whether to, help users fill in forms, for example prefilling the user’s address based on earlier user input.

In the form editor, in the field properties of supported field types, the user can select the value of the autocomplete attribute from the Autocomplete dropdown. The values in the dropdown are configured in the repository.

Supported Field Types

The autocomplete attribute is supported for the following field types:

  • Text Field
  • Date Field
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown

Configure Autofill Detail Tokens

The values in the Autocomplete dropdown in the form editor are configured at the repository node /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/eforms/hippo:moduleconfig/eforms:autocomplete in a multi-valued String property eforms:autocompletevalues.

The default values are "on", "off", and the autofill field names listed in the HTML specification:

  jcr:primaryType: hipposys:moduleconfig
  eforms:autocompletevalues: ['on', 'off', name, honorific-prefix, given-name, additional-name,
    family-name, honorific-suffix, nickname, username, new-password, current-password,
    organization-title, organization, street-address, address-line1, address-line2,
    address-line3, address-level1, address-level2, address-level3, address-level4,
    country, country-name, postal-code, cc-name, cc-given-name, cc-additional-name,
    cc-family-name, cc-number, cc-exp, cc-exp-month, cc-exp-year, cc-csc, cc-type,
    transaction-currency, transaction-amount, language, bday, bday-day, bday-month,
    bday-year, sex, url, photo, home, work, mobile, fax, pager, tel, tel-country-code,
    tel-national, tel-area-code, tel-local, tel-local-prefix, tel-local-suffix, tel-extension,
    email, impp]


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