Shopizer Connector Configuration

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.


The connector module integrated with the Shopizer backend is currently provided for demonstration purposes only. It is discouraged to use this module in production.

As explained in Configure brX GraphQL Service, the .env file contains the connection settings to integrate with Shopizer.

Running the Shopizer Demo

One of the easiest way to run the Shopizer demo locally is to execute their Docker image directly like the following example:

docker run -p 9080:8080 shopizerecomm/shopizer:latest

As the above command publishes the container's port at 9080, you may access the Shopizer Admin UI at http://localhost:9080/admin and the Storefront at http://localhost:9080/shop.

Find further details on Shopizer at

Configuration Options

The following options are supported:

Property Name Description Example Value(s) Default Value
SHOPIZER_API_BASE_URL The URL of the Shopizer REST API. 'http://localhost:9080/api'  
SHOPIZER_ADMIN_USERNAME The admin username. '[email protected]'  
SHOPIZER_ADMIN_PASSWORD The password of the admin user. 'password'  
SHOPIZER_ADMIN_TOKEN_TIMEOUT The timeout milliseconds to refresh the API access token of the admin user. e.g, 1800000 milliseconds for timeout in 30 minutes.




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