Poll Plugin Configuration


The Poll plugin can be added to your project using  Essentials.


  • Bloomreach Experience Manager project with Essentials.


  1. Using the Essentials, add Polls to your project.
  2. Rebuild and restart your project.
See Plugin Installation for more information on the two required rebuilds.


Poll Documents

Polls are managed as documents in the CMS. A poll document must be published to be displayed in a channel.

The setup application added an example poll document in the folder polls.

See Poll Documents for more information.

Add the Poll Component to a Page

  1. In the Experience manager, select the desired channel.
  2. Browse to the page to which you want to add the Poll component. The page must have a container to hold the component.
  3. Open the left sidebar and select Components.
  4. Click on the Poll component, then click inside a container on the page to add the component to that container. It will display No poll available because it isn't configured yet. A configuration sidebar will appear on the right side.
  5. In the configuration parameter Path to poll document, click on the magnification glass icon. A picker dialog pops up.
  6. Browse to the 'polls' folder, select the example poll document and click OK.
  7. In the configuration dialog, click Save, then X to close the sidebar. The Poll component on the page will now show the poll.
  8. Publish your changes.
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