Audit Addon Common Use Cases

Using this feature requires an additional license. Please contact your account manager or sales person for more information.

This page details how a user may achieve certain simple actions with the Audit Addon. 

Export All Events

To export all events without filtering any out, remove all text and facet search values. The search results will contain all events captured by the addon. Then click "Download" just above the results and select either CSV or JSON as the format.

Determine When a User was Deleted

User deletion events fall within the category "user-management" with the action "delete-user". Additionally, the message will contain the deleted user's username. Create a faceted search on "delete-user" actions and add a text search for the deleted user's old username. The search results will show all user deletion events for that username. 

Review the Historical Changes on a Specific Document

Reviewing the workflow changes of a document can be done by performing a text search for the UUID or the complete path of a content document. All events associated with the document will be returned, including events where the content within the document was changed. On these events, a content difference is calculated between the old and new versions of the document. This calculation can be reviewed within the "additional details" modal.

Export a List of All Inactive Users

In order to calculate the inactive users, we first need a list of users. For this, we can also use the Audit addon. Create a faceted search for "create-user" events and collect all usernames that have been created within the CMS.

Now that we have a list of users, we may perform another faceted search on events with "login" action within the last 6 months. This will result in a list of all login events for users in the last 6 months. Using these events, we can apply the list of active users against the list of inactive users to determine all user accounts which have not executed a "login" action in the last 6 months.

Determine All Documents Published This Week by a Specific User

Using our faceted search, we may apply a facet filter on a specific user's events. We may filter further for event's with action "publish". Finally, apply a filter on the event timestamps to only return events from the last week. The result of this search will contain all published documents by a specific user this week. 

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