Standard Delivery Tier Components

The Bloomreach Experience Manager project archetype comes with a components library, which provides a set of generic delivery tier components to solve the most common tasks such components are used for. Many of the Essentials setup application features also use these components. Their function can be tailored to your specific use case by means of component parameters. Like that, you can use these components to avoid code duplication and benefit from the built-in Best Practices.

For each standard delivery tier component, there’s a documentation page, describing the purpose of the component, and how to use it.

Standard Components

All standard components are descendants of org.onehippo.cms7.essentials.components.CommonComponent. See Extend CommonComponent with DoBeforeRenderExtension to learn how to plug custom code into CommonComponent's doBeforeRender method so that this code is executed by every component extending CommonComponent before they are rendered.

Dynamic Components

In addition to the standard components, Bloomreach Experience Manager version 14.3.0 and later provide dynamic components, which can be configured using JCR config data at runtime rather than Java code. For projects using a separate frontend application and the Delivery API, we highly recommend using the dynamic component base classes wherever possible, rather than implementing components using new Java classes.

Please refer to Dynamic Components in the Platform Configuration section for details. The following dynamic components are provided:

Dynamic Components are available in Bloomreach Experience Manager version 14.3.0 or later. In addition, frontend applications must make use of the Delivery API version 1.0 or later for full functionality.
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