The Star Connector


An out-of-the-box connector to Star Translation Services, please see at

Set up

To set up the connector, add dependency 'translations-addon-connector-star' as mentioned in the installation page.

Then set this property in the repository:


Configuration settings are to be taken from your Star TS account. Apply for one if you don't have one yet.

The configuration at the translationsaddon:connector node:

String property Default value Description
star.externalServiceUrl   Mandatory
star.username   Mandatory
User name for STAR API (BASIC AUTH)
star.password   Mandatory
Password for STAR API (BASIC AUTH)
star.localesMap {"en":"ENU", "de":"DEU", "nl":"NLD", "fr":"FRA"} Mandatory, since 5.1.0
A JSON string containing a mapping between ISO locales and Microsoft LCID locales that STAR uses
star.serviceTypeName   The STAR workflow to be invoked
star.jobNamePrefix J Prefix to attach to all STAR job names
star.jobNameDigits 7 Length of job numbers
star.themeName STAR Name of the translation memory to be used at STAR
star.jobGroupName STAR Name for the group of jobs (website, marketing, etc)
star.jobGroups STAR Since 5.2.0
Comma-separated list of job group names to accept when polling for ready jobs
star.pjtTemplate STAR.pjt The pjt file to use
star.deadlineDays 10 The number of days each request has a deadline for
star.customerShortName STAR The customer name accoding to STAR
star.pmUserName StarPM The STAR project manager

Turn on translation results processing scheduler job

As also mentioned at the configuration page, be sure have translation results pulled into the repository, by enabling the trigger at


Set the property hipposched:enabled to true (checked) and save the changes.

You can also change the value of hipposched:cronExpression to adjust the time interval this job runs to check translation results on remote server.

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