Configure the Console for different environments

It is recommended to configure the Console application to create a visual cue for users so they are aware of the environment they are working in (test, acceptance, production), in order to prevent mistakes from happening when a user has multiple consoles open in different environments.

For this purpose, it is possible to configure the page title, the favicon, and the style of the menu bar. 

Adjust the page title

Specify the following properties on  /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/console/console/root:

  • page.title ( String) to differ from the default "Bloomreach Experience Manager console"
  • page.title.showservername ( Boolean) to add the ServerName from the HttpServletRequest to the title after a separator
  • page.title.separator ( String) to differ from the default @

Adjust the color of the menu bar

Specify the following properties to  /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/console/console/top:

  • bar.styles ( String, multiple)
  • ( String, multiple)

Both properties must have the same number of values. The URL parts will be compared to the current URL of the request. The first one that matches will be chosen. A match is found when the url contains the urlpart given. The corresponding will be applied to the div that is the background to the buttons. An example could be "background: orange;" to give that bar an orange color. This way you can apply a strong visual cue to help the user be aware of the environment he is working in.

Suppose your application runs on,, Then you can add these three values in Giving distinguishing parts will also work.

Adjust the favicon

Specify the following properties on /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/console/console/root

  • favicon.path

Possible values are:

  • console-red.png (the default)
  • console-green.png
  • console-yellow.png
  • console-blue.png
  • console-orange.png
  • console-purple.png

You can create an icon of your own. Place that in you CMS module in a folder  src/main/resources/org/hippoecm/frontend/plugins/console. Use the name of your icon (i.e. my-console-fav.png) as the favicon.path property.

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