Development Tools

The Essentials setup application provides a number of development tools that can speed up or even automate some common tasks when developing a Bloomreach Experience Manager project:

They can be found on the Tools tab:


The Selections tool provides a configuration UI to add value list-based  Selection fields to existing  document types.

For more information see the  Selections Plugin Configuration page.

Gallery Manager

The Gallery Manager allows you to configure custom image sets by entering the dimensions, labels and configuration properties for the different size variants through a form-based UI.

After creating or modifying an image set using the Gallery Manager, make sure to (re-)generate the corresponding content bean using the Beanwriter (see next section).


As of version 13.2.0, content bean classes for content types are generated dynamically at runtime by default. In case of customization requirements, such as adding custom methods or custom logic, you can generate the content bean class for a document type using the Beanwriter Tool.

The Beanwriter generates content bean classes for all your content types. If the project contains multiple image set types, you can choose which one to use for the bean generation, and whether existing beans should be updated to use that image set type too:

After running the Beanwriter, all generated classes and methods will be listed in the setup application's feedback panel:

You should now rebuild and redeploy your project in order to make the updated beans available.

REST Services Setup

The REST Services Setup tool provides an easy way to create basic RESTful services using Bloomreach Experience Manager's JAX-RS support.

Content REST API

The generic Content RESP API can be enabled by checking Enable generic REST resources and specifying the URL at which the REST services will be available.

Custom Plain JAX-RS Services

The setup tool can also bootstrap you custom JAX-RS resources. Check Enable manual REST resources, specify the URL at which the REST services will be available, and select the document types in the project for which a service should be generated:

The tool will generate the required HST configuration, Java classes and Spring configuration. The content bean classes in your project will be enriched so they can be used as JAXB models as well.

Although the generated services will work right away, they are meant as a starting point for further development and will most likely need to be customized and/or extended to meet your project requirements.

At this point only "plain" JAX-RS services are supported by the tool.

Template Query Generator

This feature is available from Bloomreach Experience Manager 12.3.

The Template Query Generator provides an easy way to create template queries for your custom document types. Template queries are used to control which document types can be used in which folder. For each document type, you have the option to generate a document template query and a folder template query.

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