Audit Addon Introduction

Using this feature requires an additional license. Please contact your account manager or sales person for more information.


The Audit Addon captures events occurring in the CMS and broadcasts the event data to the configured connectors. The stored event data can be retrieved from the storage through a custom UI that can offer searching, filtering and export capabilities. 

Tracked Events

  • Security events
  • Content workflow events
  • Page events
  • Channel manager events
  • Project events


The Audit Addon consists primarily of repository configuration, event handlers, connectors and a custom perspective containing a frontend UI. The different event handlers are responsible for processing and extracting event related information. A persistence manager can be configured that stores the events before they are broadcasted to the different conennoctors. As part of the addon there are 2 sample connector implementations for ActiveMQ and Elasticsearch. However, both the persistence manager and the connectors are backed by interfaces that can be implemented in a project as per the desired use cases and requirements. These custom implemetations can be configured and plugged in the addon to achieve the desired architecture. This enables reliable communication and data exchange between the CMS and 3rd party data stores. The selected data store can then be integrated with a custom frontend UI that lists, filters and exports the required data. The custom frontend UI can be injected in a Custom Perspective within the CMS for a seamless experience.

Dashboard View

The Audit Addon comes with a sample end-to-end implementation with Elasticsearch. The sample ElasticSearchClient pushes the events to an elasticsearch instance. The addon adds a Custom Perspective titled "Audit search" to the CMS. This perspective is visible only to users with the required userrole. 
The perspective embeds a frontend UI which is based of the Search UI and provides searching, filtering and exporting capabilities for all tracked events in an Elasticsearch instance.

Audit Addon Overview

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