Configure the CMS Login Page


The Bloomreach Experience Manager login page can be configured with several options. This page discusses how and when to use these options.

If these configuration options are not sufficient for your use case, you may want to look into customizing the login page at code level.

Form Auto-Completion

Browsers can remember values of the fields of previously visited forms and offer them to the user when they start filling in the form. This may not always be the most secure behavior. Html offers a feature [ 1] [ 2] to tell browsers not to try and automatically complete a form. By default, the login plugin allows the browser to use autocomplete on the login form.
To disable autocompletion on the login form, log in to the console, browse to the login plugin configuration node at


and specify the following property:

  signin.form.autocomplete: false             (defaults to true)

Language Selection Dropdown

By default, the UI of the CMS is accessible in English, French, German, Dutch and (simplified) Chinese. The desired language is chosen on the login page.

The available locales are configured with the multi-valued property


You can override this property to customize the ordering or remove items from the dropdown.

To add an item to the list, first read how Hippo uses localization modules to provide localized strings to the UI. Check if the language you want to add was included in the property “hippo.cms.locales” in your project’s root pom. If so, you can add the identifier to the repository property "locales" mentioned earlier. If not, add the identifier to the property “hippo.cms.locales” in your project’s root pom, rebuild and redeploy. The bootstrap configuration of the localization module will add its identifier to the repository property automatically.

Time Zone Selection Dropdown

By default, the UI of the CMS uses the time zone of the server the CMS application is running on.

In Bloomreach Experience Manager 11.0.2 and newer, a time zone selector on the login page can be enabled through configuration. This allows the user to select a time zone from a dropdown so that all dates and times in the UI are shown in the selected time zone. The time zone of the user's web browser is automatically preselected.

To enable the time zone selector dropdown on the login page:

Log in to the Console.

Browse to the node:


Add a boolean property show.timezones with value true.

By default, the time zone selector lists all time zones in the IANA tz database.

To list only certain time zones in the dropdown, add a multi-valued string property selectable.timezones.


  show.timezones: true
  selectable.timezones: [Europe/Amsterdam, US/Eastern, Canada/Pacific]


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