Overview of Experience Manager Events and Response Mechanisms



Learn about the different Experience manager events and the mechanisms through which they are broadcasted and responded to.


CMS users perform operations on publication channels using the Experience manager. Some operations may require additional validation and/or processing in a delivery tier implementation. For this purpose, certain Experience manager events are broadcasted. A delivery tier implementation can listen for such events and respond to them.

Due to historical reasons, two different mechanisms are used to broadcast and responds to events. This page provides an overview of all available Experience manager events and which event is broadcasted through which mechanism. Detailed instructions and examples are provided on separate pages, which are linked to in the text below.

Overview of Events and Mechanisms

There are seven different Experience manager events that get broadcasted using two different mechanisms.

The table below shows which events are broadcasted through which mechanism and provides links to detailed instructions and examples:


Channel Manager Event Listener

HST Internal Event Bus

Instructions and example

Create channel


Respond to Create Channel and Update Channel Settings Events

Update channel settings


Publish channel changes


Respond to Publish Changes, Discard Changes, and Create Preview Configuration Channel Events

Discard channel changes


Create channel preview configuration


Create page  

Respond to a Page Event

Copy page


Move page  
Delete page  
Update page  

Delete channel


Respond to a Before Delete Channel Event

Event listeners using the HST internal event bus can also abort channel actions.

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