Relevant Changes in Bloomreach Experience Manager 16

This pages describes the relevant changes between Bloomreach Experience Manager 15 and Bloomreach Experience Manager 16.

Major changes

Java 17

Bloomreach Experience Manager v16 requires Java 17. If you make use of the Bloomreach Cloud (OnDemand 2) hosting platform, the appropriate Java version to run your uploaded project distribution is auto-detected.

Maven Repository IDs

The default Maven repository IDs have changed from hippo-maven2** to bloomreach-maven2**.

Replacement of Sun-Jakarta Activation and Mail Libraries with Eclipse-Angus Equivalents

The com.sun.activation:jakarta.activation library has been replaced with org.eclipse.angus:angus-activation.

The com.sun.mail:jakarta.mail library has been replaced with org.eclipse.angus:angus-mail.

Javax to Jakarta Namespace Change

In brXM 16, the javax to jakarta namespace change is applied. 

For brXM that means upgrading to Jakarta Servlet API  6, Spring Boot 3, Spring 6, Apache CXF 4, XML Web Services API 3,  XML Binding API 3,  RESTful Web Services 3, Annotations API 2, JAXB Runtime 3, Mail API 2.

Wicket 10

Bloomreach Experience Manager v16 uses version 10 of the Apache Wicket framework. If there are Wicket customizations in the implementation project, these need to be adapted. Migration documentation is available at

Replacement of EHCache with Caffeine

In Bloomreach Experience Manager 16, EHCache is refactored out in favor of the Caffeine library. This may affect implementation projects with certain customizations.

Minor changes

  • Third-party libraries updated, see CMS-15882 for a list.
  • Maven plugins updated, see CMS-15636 for a list.
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