Prepare the Project

This Bloomreach Cloud tutorial assumes you are using Bloomreach Experience Manager 14 or 15. If you are using an earlier version, some steps may differ from what is described here.

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In this step, you will create a Bloomreach Experience Manager project, add the Relevance Module and the News feature, release the project, and package it in a distribution file.

Create the Example Project

Follow the steps below (i.e. click on the links) to create the project.

Create a project using the Bloomreach Experience Manager Maven archetype.

Build and run the project.

Open the Essentials application at:


On the opening screen, under Project Settings, check Make use of Enterprise features:

From the library, add the following features to the project:

  • BloomReach Cloud (Bloomreach Experience Manager 13 and newer only, if using version 12, add Experience Project and Lucene Index Exporter instead)
  • News

Rebuild and restart the project.

Open the site at:


Click on the "news" menu item to verify that the News feature is working properly.

Create a Distribution

To be able to deploy the project in an Bloomreach Cloud environment it must be packaged as a distribution. In your project's root directory enter the following commands:

mvn clean verify
mvn -P dist

This creates a distribution file in the target directory:


In the next step, you will upload this file to Bloomreach Cloud and deploy it in an environment.

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