Shared Datastore

Reach out to Bloomreach Support to enable this feature for your stack.

Optionally, your Bloomreach Cloud stack can be configured to use a shared datastore. In this case, binaries (of a certain size) from all environments in the stack are stored in a single database table called shared_datastore_<stack> (replace <stack> with the name of your stack).

The main advantage of using the shared datastore is that a binary which is used in multiple environments, only exists once in the database.

This means that the individual databases for the different environments don't contain the database, so you'll have to download the shared_datastore table separately.

There are a few API calls involved in order to download this table:

  • POST /v3/backups/shareddatastore
    must be used to create the backup of the shared datastore table, this returns an 'id' parameter.

  • GET /v3/backups/jobs/{jobId}
    can then be used to check the status of this backup creation. As soon as this is 'completed':

  • GET/v3/backups/{backupId}/repositorydownloadlink
    to get the download link to actually download this backup.

See the API documentation for your Bloomreach Cloud account for more info:

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