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Bloomreach Experience Manager has built-in support for faceted navigation. Faceted navigation makes use of a set of facets (properties) of your documents to filter and narrow-down search results. For example: show all news documents from the current month, which cover the topic "weather".

In the content repository, a set of documents and facets are represented by a virtual facet navigation node tree. The Facets component provides the rendering template with a HippoFacetNavigationBean, which can be used to render the available facet navigation filtering options.

Component Parameters

Name Description
facetPath Mandatory repository path, relative to the site's root folder. The Facets component first looks at the current request URL and site map. If the corresponding repository node is a facet navigation node, the component makes the corresponding HippoFacetNavigationBean available. This typically happens when the site visitor selects one or more facet navigation filters. If the corresponding repository node is not a facet navigation node, this parameter is used to find the desired HippoFacetNavigationBean. Typically, facetPath points to the root node of a facet navigation tree.
query Free-text query string to use. Which document fields are searched for the query string depends on your indexing configuration. This parameter may be overruled by the request parameter.

Request Parameters

query Free-text query string. Doesn't currently work when querying with a facet navigation scope. Overrules component parameter.

Rendering Attributes

Name Type Description
facets org.hippoecm.hst.content.beans.standard.HippoFacetNavigationBean A bean (or null) representing the current location inside a facet navigation tree. The rendering template can construct a list of filters and filter values from this bean.
query java.lang.String Normalized free-text query string, originating from the request or component parameter.
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