CKEditor toolbar items

The following table lists all CKEditor toolbar items (buttons, combo boxes, etc.) that are part of the CKEditor version shipped with Bloomreach Experience Manager.

  • The name and group of each toolbar item can be used in the CKEditor toolbar configuration.
  • The label is shown as the item's tooltip.
  • The command of the item can be used in keyboard shortcuts.
  • The position of each item determines its place in a toolbar group. All items in the same toolbar group are ordered by their position.


Toolbar Item Label Command Plugin Toolbar Group Position
About About CKEditor about about about  
Anchor Anchor anchor link links 30
AutoComplete Enable/Disable HTML Tag Autocomplete autoCompleteToggle codemirror mode 80
autoFormat Format Selection autoFormat codemirror mode 50
BGColor Background Color   colorbutton colors 20
BidiLtr Text direction from left to right bidiltr bidi bidi 10
BidiRtl Text direction from right to left bidirtl bidi bidi 20
Blockquote Block Quote blockquote blockquote blocks 10
Bold Bold bold basicstyles basicstyles 10
BulletedList Insert/Remove Bulleted List bulletedlist list list 20
Button Button button button forms 70
Checkbox Checkbox checkbox forms forms 20
CodeSnippet Insert code snippet codeSnippet codesnippet insert 10
CommentSelectedRange Comment Selection commentSelectedRange codemirror mode 60
Copy Copy copy clipboard clipboard 20
CopyFormatting Copy Formatting copyFormatting copyformatting cleanup 0
CreateDiv Create Div Container creatediv div blocks 50
CreatePlaceholder Placeholder placeholder placeholder insert 5
Cut Cut cut clipboard clipboard 10
Find Find find find find 10
Font Font   font styles 30
FontSize Size   font styles 40
Form Form form forms forms 10
Format Format   format styles 20
HiddenField Hidden Field hiddenfield fakeobjects forms 90
HorizontalRule Insert Horizontal Line horizontalrule horizontalrule insert 40
Iframe IFrame iframe fakeobjects insert 80
Image Image image image insert 10
image2 Image image2 image2 insert 10
ImageButton Image Button imagebutton forms forms 80
Indent Increase Indent indent indent indent 20
Italic Italic italic basicstyles basicstyles 20
JustifyBlock Justify justifyblock justify align 40
JustifyCenter Center justifycenter justify align 20
JustifyLeft Align Left justifyleft justify align 10
JustifyRight Align Right justifyright justify align 30
language Set language language language bidi 30
Link External link link link links 10
Mathjax Math mathjax mathjax insert 10
Maximize Maximize maximize maximize tools 10
NumberedList Insert/Remove Numbered List numberedlist list list 10
Outdent Decrease Indent outdent indent indent 10
PageBreak Insert Page Break for Printing pagebreak pagebreak insert 70
Paste Paste paste clipboard clipboard 30
PasteFromWord Paste from Word pastefromword pastefromword clipboard 50
PasteText Paste as plain text pastetext pastetext clipboard 40
PickImage Image pickImage hippopicker insert 5
PickInternalLink Internal link pickInternalLink hippopicker links 5
Radio Radio Button radio forms forms 30
Redo Redo redo undo undo 20
RemoveFormat Remove Format removeFormat removeformat cleanup 10
Replace Replace replace find find 20
SearchCode Search Source searchCode codemirror mode 40
Select Selection Field select forms forms 60
SelectAll Select All selectAll selectall selection 10
ShowBlocks Show Blocks showblocks showblocks tools 20
Smiley Smiley smiley smiley insert 50
Source Source source sourcearea, codemirror mode 10
Sourcedialog Source sourcedialog sourcedialog mode 10
SpecialChar Insert Special Character specialchar specialchar insert 50
Strike Strike Through strike basicstyles basicstyles 40
Styles Styles   stylescombo styles 10
Subscript Subscript subscript basicstyles basicstyles 50
Superscript Superscript superscript basicstyles basicstyles 60
Table Table table table insert 30
Templates Templates templates templates doctools 10
Textarea Textarea textarea forms forms 50
TextColor Text Color   colorbutton colors 10
TextField Text Field textfield forms forms 40
UncommentSelectedRange Uncomment Selection uncommentSelectedRange codemirror mode 70
Underline Underline underline basicstyles basicstyles 30
Undo Undo undo undo undo 10
Unlink Unlink unlink link links 20
Youtube Embed Youtube Video youtube youtube insert  



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