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The Product Detail component provides an easy way to fetch product details and render all the related information in your landing pages. The Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce Boot application includes the Product Detail component as drag'n drop component.

Component Overview

The Product Detail component (referread as Product in Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce) offers different ways to include product details in your boot application. The component configurations offers two options:

  • Item Id: the external product id can be directly specified here;
  • Content Enrichment: a product decorator document (linking to a external product) can be selected.

In addition, component configurations offer the possibility to specify the Commerce Connector ID: in case the detail component has to be fetched from a specific backend, this can be specified in this field.

Component Details

Product Detail is a command chain delivery component. It works seamlessly with commerce platforms: have a look at the different commerce platform configuration pages supported in Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce Boot.. Commerce connectors are using the productDetail commerce component: you will find this entry in the Default Commerce Connector Set document. 

Among others, the Product Detail component is using the contentEnricherCommand. This command is aligned with one of the main purposes of BRIEF, enrichment. The main idea is to "enrich" external product information with content: for this reason the Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce Boot application provides decorator document types, like the product decorator. Editors can create product decorator documents directly in Bloomreach Experience Manager, link them to an external product and create a better experience around each one of them.

Content enrichment is made possible via content document: content data will be stored in Bloomreach Experience Manager and original data coming from external backends are not alterated. At the moment, decorator document types provide a minimal set of fields that can be used to enrich (or overwrite, depending on the logic of your templates) external data, but these document types can be easily customized to fulfill your needs. On the other hand, product data that can change temporarly (e.g. price, think about flash sales) are still coming from the backend: in this case your front-end application will always display the latest (external) data. 

The Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce boot application supports as well product detail document driven pages. As example, if you create a product detail document based on the product decorator type in the Products root folder, those documents will be automatically availabe under /products/<product_id>. You don't need to use Product Detail component in this case.

Template Details

At the moment, the Bloomreach Accelerator: B2C Commerce Boot application provides one template for the Product Detail component:

  • starterstore-productdetail.ftl
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