More Like This and Just For You Components


The More Like This and Just For You components provide a personalized customer journey by displaying products based on the customer interaction. These components are available with the Bloomreach APIs. 

Component Overview

The More like this component is based on the More like this (MLT) Bloomreach API. MLT extends search results to show visitors more products similar to a product that they already searched for or viewed. MLT displays products based on user searches, category searches, and product views. For example, if a user looks at a red cocktail dress, then MLT might display links to other cocktail dresses or matching shoes and other accessories.

The Just for you component is based on the Just for you (JFY) Bloomreach API: it's part of the BloomReach Personalization features. JFY includes the following personalizations:

  • Product Recommendations is a service that displays product recommendations for customers based on their browsing history. For example, if you have a customer who looks at very high heels, then you might suggest shoes with stiletto heels and shoes with four or five-inch heels.
  • Dynamic Categories is a service that displays recommended categories with sample products based on customers' browsing patterns. For example, if a customer browses several Louboutin slingback heels, then Dynamic Categories might suggest Shoes by Christian Louboutin or Evening Wear Shoes by Christian Louboutin, and display products matching those categories.

Component Details

Both More Like This and Just For you components are command chain delivery components. As mentioned, those components work only if the Bloomreach APIs is enabled in the channel settings.

The More Like This component configuration requires a Product Id: based on that value, the related API will return a set of related products. The connector component is moreLikeThis: among others, the external request will contain a parameter called br_uuid_2. That's actually related to the tracking pixel: this data will improve the personalized result.

The Just For You component doesn't require any configuration: it just needs to be dropped in your landing pages. The only option that can be configured is the size of your product result. The connector component used is justForYou: this will just use the  br_uuid_2 to calculate product reccomendetion.

Template Details

The More like this component uses the same templates already present for the Product Grid component:

  • starterstore-productlist.ftl providing a list of product preview.
  • starterstore-productlist-atc.ftl similar to the previous one, but showing the Add to Cart button as well.

Just For You only uses the starterstore-productlist.ftl.

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