Integrating with external systems

Bloomreach offers Enterprise support for this feature to Bloomreach Experience customers. The release cycle of this feature may differ from our core product release cycle. 
Using this feature requires an additional license. Please contact your account manager or sales person for more information.

The translation add-on sends/retrieves documents to/from an external system of translation agency.  

To support that, the external system has to have a suitable API and a connector (a Java class) has to be implemented and configured.

The Translations Add-on supports these integrations:

There is also a Tester Connector for test and demo purposes that does not go to an external system but can mirror back translation requests.

Format of the document

Document are sent to (and mostly also retrieved from) the external system in a generic XML format. The below example should be self-explanatory.

<document jobItemId="aec3aa3b.." [jcr:uuid of job item node]
          jobItemCreator="admin01" [since 6.2.0, user that submitted the request]
          jobItemCreated="2022-10-13T11:00:00.000+02:00" [since 6.2.0]
          jobItemLastModified="2022-10-14T12:00:00.000+02:00" [since 6.2.0]    
          documentId="9e1c972d.." [jcr:uuid of the document handle]
          name="test1" [document handle node name)
          type="mynamespace:mytester" [JCR document type]
          translationId="b06571e2.." [hippotranslation:id of the document; link between translated documents]
          translationLocale="en" [hippotranslation:locale of the document]>
    <name>Test 1 Display Name</name>
        <!-- regular string field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mystring" type="String">
        <!-- multiple string field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="true" name="[mynamespace]:mymultiplestring" type="String">
        <!-- compound rich text editor field -->
        <field name="[mynamespace]:myhippostd_html" type="hippostd:html">
            <value>&lt;p&gt;Extended HTML Lorem ipsum&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</value>
        <!-- primitive HTML field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:myhtml" type="String">
            <value>&lt;p&gt;Simple HTML Lorem ipsum&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</value>
        <!-- text field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mytext" type="String">
            <value>Text Lorem Ipsum</value>
        <!-- date field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mydate" type="Date"> 
        <!-- integer number field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mylong" type="Long">
        <!-- decimal number field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mydouble" type="Double">
        <!-- compound link field -->
        <field name="[mynamespace]:myhippo_mirror" type="hippo:mirror">
       <!-- docbase field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:mydocbase" type="String">
        <!-- boolean field -->
        <field isPropertyField="true" multiple="false" name="[mynamespace]:myboolean" type="Boolean">


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