Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator 14.0.0 Upgrade Notes

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Here are some important notes on upgrading to Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator 14.0.0.

For details on the new features and improvements in this release, see the Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator Release Notes.

Category ID Conversions in Category Documents for Elastic Path

In the category documents (e.g. starterstoreboot:categorydecorator document nodes), the identifier strings of the associated category data are stored, so that the category picker field may show a proper category title by reading the category data from the Elastic Path backend. In the earlier versions, the identifier values are stored as Base32-like encoded strings. e.g, kzcvgvcsjfpucucqifjektc7jvcu4uy= instead of human-friendly values like VESTRI_APPAREL_MENS.

Since v14.0.0, it stores human-friendly category identifiers instead. For example, VESTRI_APPAREL_MENS instead of kzcvgvcsjfpucucqifjektc7jvcu4uy=. As a result, the URLs of the category related page are more human-friendly as well.

In order to convert the old category identifier field values in existing category documents, navigate to Setup > System > Update Editor and execute the script named "Accelerator - Reset ElasticPath Category Decorator External Resource IDs" once. If no error is reported, the conversion is successful.

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