Configure the Project

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Customize the functionality of your project.

You just added the desired, basic features to your new Bloomreach Experience Manager project.


While the Essentials setup application won't help you to customize these features to your exact needs - you'll have to dive into your IDE to do that - it does provide you with a set of tools that help perform common Bloomreach Experience Manager project development tasks, easing the configuration and maintenance of your Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

You can find these tools on the Tools page.

Setup tools are in effect just plugins, and while Essentials is pre-packaged with a set of useful tools, more tools can be made available through the Marketplace. You can even develop your own tools.

Feature Configuration

Some features provide a configuration screen to configure your project. When they do, Essentials displays a Configure button on the Installed features page. Each feature is free to implement whatever configuration screen it would like to offer, and all such configuration happens after the installation process for that feature has completed.


This trail ends here. If you want more information on the Essentials setup application and its plugins, check out the documentation. If you're looking for more information on how to get your special feature into your Bloomreach Experience Manager project, check out our technical documentation or our community. Follow the Build a Website tutorial to build a complete web site using Essentials' features.


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