Introduction to Projects

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

With Projects we take the first step towards advanced workflow management in the Bloomreach Experience product. The purpose of workflow management is to enhance the transparency and collaborative control of content across content-teams; the new ‘’projects’’ element within our solution will already support this purpose by:

Publishing a single user's changes

Create a project for an individual user’s work to isolate the changes they are doing in the Experience manager and in content. These changes can then be pushed through a review process and published, without interference from changes other users might be making within the same channel.

Collaborating on a set of changes

If multiple users want to work together on changes, they can use the project functionality to keep track of these changes and allow each user to take over from where the previous user left off. This ensures that all the changes being made are recorded in a single location and can be reviewed and published as a single set.

Preparing for a future change

Projects can be used to separate work that is intended to go live at a future date by isolating these changes from the core website experience. Other users will continue to be able to make and publish their changes whilst leaving pending changes within a project unavailable until the project is reviewed and merged.

Reviewing a single isolated change

If you have a very important change that you want to get reviewed and published, but your colleagues are busy working on a plethora of other changes, projects can help you by allowing you to set aside your changes which can be independently reviewed and published. This is particularly useful for standalone items such as new landing pages.

Moreover, because Bloomreach Experience Manager is a multi-channel content management system, all workflow operations fully take the multi-channel capabilities of the platform in consideration and seamlessly work across and span all channels.

Running a campaign

Projects can be used to prepare, schedule, start, and stop campaigns that temporarily put a set of changes contained in a project 'live' for a special occasion such as a seasonal sale promotion or a Christmas edition of a website. Once the special occasion is over, the campaign ends and all affected channels and content revert back to their original state.

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