Rename Culturally Insensitive Terms

Bootstrap YAML Source Changes

The following product configuration properties have been renamed. If your project's bootstrap YAML sources override or append a value to these properties, the property name must be adjusted in your project's bootstrap YAML sources.

Old configuration property New configuration property





Renamed web.xml Context Parameter Name

The web.xml descriptor of the CMS web application may contain a context parameter to allow domains for cross-origin requests. That parameter name has been changed. If your project specified the same context parameter, it must be renamed there, too.

Old Parameter Name New Parameter Name
accepted-origin-whitelist accepted-origin-allowlist

Renamed Configuration Files

The following configuration files have been renamed and must also be renamed in your project if it contains them.

A known issue is that if the only change in the webfiles is the below rename, this change is not picked up on existing environments at deployment time.

As a workaround, either make any small change to any webfile as well, or rename repository node /webfiles/site/hst-whitelist.txt using console after deployment.
Location Old Filename New Filename
/repository-data/webfiles/src/main/resources/[site] hst-whitelist.txt hst-allowlist.txt

Public Java Constant Changes

The following public Java constants have been renamed and must be renamed in your project, too, if your project makes use of them.

Class Name Old Constant Name New Constant Name
org.hippoecm.frontend.plugins.cms.edit.EditorManagerPlugin BLACK_LISTED_NODE_TYPE_NAMES BLOCKED_NODE_TYPE_NAMES
org.hippoecm.hst.core.container.WebFileValve WHITE_LIST_CONTENT_PATH ALLOWLIST_CONTENT_PATH

Renamed Java Classes

The following public Java classes have been renamed. If your project code references any of these classes, these references must be renamed as well.

Old Class Name New Class Name
org.hippoecm.frontend.WhitelistedClassesResourceGuard org.hippoecm.frontend.AllowedClassesResourceGuard
org.hippoecm.hst.core.webfiles.WhitelistReader org.hippoecm.hst.core.webfiles.AllowlistReader

Renamed Methods on Public Classes

The following methods on public Java classes (and interfaces) have been renamed. If your project code references any of these methods, these references must be renamed as well.

Class Name Old Method Name New Method Name isHierarchicalWhiteListRule isHierarchicalAllowlistRule setWhitelistElements setAllowlistElements getWhitelistElements getAllowlistElements
org.hippoecm.hst.core.webfiles.WhitelistReader getWhitelist getAllowlist


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