Go Live Checklist

A helpful checklist to make sure your Bloomreach Cloud is ready to go live.


  1. Provide the Bloomreach Cloud team with the relevant SSL certificates (use the provided PGP key to encrypt your secrets).
    • Put a reminder in your calendar to renew them on time.
    • Do not use bloomreach.cloud based domains in production (headless or classic HST).
    • Do not use the CMS (sub)domain to access the site webapp / delivery API. Always use different (sub)domains (e.g. cms.customername.com and prod.customername.com).
  2. Once the Bloomreach Cloud team has installed the certificates, configure domains to point to the appropriate environment.
  3. Configure virtual hosts for both site and CMS in the environment.
  4. Verify the previous 3 steps on a local machine by adding the domain(s) to the local hosts configuration and pointing it to the stack.
  5. If you require SMTP mail from within your website, configure the SMTP server for your stack.
  6. Make sure you have configured your CDN or the CDN provided by Bloomreach Cloud correctly. Do not use the bloomreach.cloud domain for production purposes! Get in touch with the support team for more details. 
  7. Do a performance test to make sure your Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation can handle the expected load.
    • Pay special attention to search queries from within the website as these can be slow and/or consume lots of memory. Similar for external API calls.
    • Mark the environment as Production and use your public URL to test, this can be an alias like www2.company.com.
    • Make sure you have turned hst caching on
  8. Make sure that
    • default passwords like admin/admin should be invalid!
    • the cms and especially the channel manager works with your public URLs
    • the site does not use HTTP session to preserve state, only for caching of information the HTTP session can be used
    • the site accessed through the public URL works correctly when dealing with redirects (after login for example)
  9. Inform the Bloomreach Cloud the support team of the planned Go Live date a week ahead.
  10. Configure the relevant DNS records. See FAQ.
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