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In Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator applications, the Universal Pixel Integration Addon module is installed and configured by default to log visitors' activities for best-in-class optimization and personalization. Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator uses the BloomReach Commerce Pixel Schema, instead of the BloomReach Universal Pixel Schema.

In Bloomreach Experience Manager v12, there are some limitations, but Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator provides solutions to overcome the limitations.

Commerce Pixel Schema vs. Universal Pixel Schema

As explained in Universal Pixel Configuration, the Universal Pixel editor shows only the predefined BloomReach Universal Pixel variables, such as "Page type" and "Page labels". It is because the default JSON Schema is set to the BloomReach Universal Pixel Schema resource (classpath:/com/onehippo/cms7/addon/unipixel/universal-pixel-schema-0.1.json) in the /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/universal-pixel/hippo:moduleconfig/@default.vars.source property in the repository, by default.

However, many existing applications consuming Bloomreach Discovery still follows BloomReach Commerce Pixel Schema, which is going to be upgraded to BloomReach Universal Pixel Schema in the future. So, Universal Pixel Integration Addon module allows applications to switch to the BloomReach Commerce Pixel Schema by changing the /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/universal-pixel/hippo:moduleconfig/@default.vars.source property value in the repository.

Below is the list of the available values for the JSON Schema resource property:

 Pixel Schema Type  JSON Schema Resource
 BloomReach Universal Pixel Schema  classpath:/com/onehippo/cms7/addon/unipixel/universal-pixel-schema-0.1.json
 BloomReach Commerce Pixel Schema  classpath:/com/onehippo/cms7/addon/unipixel/commerce-pixel-schema-0.1.json

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator is configured to use the BloomReach Commerce Pixel Schema by default like the following:

Limitation and Solution in Bloomreach Experience Manager v12

Limitation: Pixel Variables Editor UI

Universal Pixel Integration Addon module provides a Pixel Variables Editor UI to allow business users to edit Pixel variables in three levels: (a) Channel default settings, (b) Landing pages (ie, pages added through Page Management), (c) documents for content-driven pages. The Pixel Variables Editor UI depends on OpenUI Extensions, which has become available since Bloomreach Experience Manager v13. So, it is not possible to edit Pixel variables for a Landing page in Bloomreach Experience Manager v12, by default.

Solution: Pixel Setting Component for Landing Pages

To allow to edit Pixel variables for Landing pages, Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator provides a built-in HstComponent, com.bloomreach.commercedxp.starterstore.components.LandingPagePixelSettingComponent, and its built-in template, classpath:/com/bloomreach/commercedxp/starterstore/components/LandingPagePixelSettingComponent.ftl.

If the current page is a Landing page and is being displayed in preview mode in Experience manager, the LandingPagePixelSettingComponent shows a button on the top right corner for its Pixel Variables Editor:

On clicking the button, it shows the Pixel Variables Editor dialog:

So, even in Bloomreach Experience Manager v12, business users are able to set Pixel variables for Landing pages without any problem.

As Universal Pixel Integration Addon module provides the default Pixel Variables Editor using OpenUI Extensions, LandingPagePixelSettingComponent will be deprecated or dropped in Bloomreach Experience Manager v13.

Other Customization Support

In Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator applications, you can apply all the same customization techniques explained in the Customize Universal Pixel Integration Addon, even in Bloomreach Experience Manager v12. For example, you can determine Pixel variables from various sources such as CMS documents or external data in your custom Pixel variable scriptlet head contribution unit(s).

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