Open Source Release Policy

As of April 20, 2018, Bloomreach applies the following policy to releasing the code and built artifacts of Bloomreach Experience Manager.

Open Source Releases

Bloomreach provides Bloomreach Experience Manager as open source to the community under the open source Apache Software License 2.0. Developers can attain the source by simply cloning the public community git repositories from

Furthermore, for each community release, Bloomreach also provides the built artifacts through the Maven repository hosted at

Release tags and artifacts only

Bloomreach only provides the git trees for the release tags of Bloomreach Experience Manager. Code changes which are under development, for major, minor or maintenance releases, are not synchronized nor updated in the public community git repositories. Existing outdated/stale branches must not be used, they will be removed in the near future.

Bloomreach only shares its Bloomreach Experience Manager released source code with the community, along with the corresponding git history. Sharing the released source code allows Bloomreach to provide reliable support for community developers, customers and partners, and to process their contributions and feedback efficiently. Likewise, Bloomreach provides built Maven artifacts for released versions only. Snapshot builds representing ongoing development are not available publicly.

Early release access for Customers and Partners

In accordance with its security policy, Bloomreach may provide customers and partners with early access to new releases, for example when a new release provides not-yet-disclosed security fixes. Bloomreach does so in order to allow its customers to update their production environments before the vulnerability is disclosed and the fix is released to the community.

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