Use Blue-Green Deployment in Bloomreach Cloud

This Bloomreach Cloud tutorial assumes you are using Bloomreach Experience Manager 14 or 15. If you are using an earlier version, some steps may differ from what is described here.

This tutorial is a great way to learn how to use the full power of the Bloomreach Cloud platform. It will walk you through a blue-green deployment scenario for a Bloomreach Experience Manager project using Mission Control.

Blue-green deployment is a release management approach based on running two identical production environments called Blue and Green. All production traffic is served by only one of the environments (for example, Blue). A new release is deployed in the other environment (for example, Green). After deployment and any acceptance testing is successfully completed, you switch routing to direct all production traffic to Green. This way, downtime and risk are reduced to a minimum while deploying the new release.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Prepare the First Project Release
  2. Deploy the Project in the Blue Environmentt 
    • Add the blue environment.
    • Deploy release 1.0.0 in the blue environment.
    • Configure the applications.
  3. Make Changes to the Project
    • Develop a new feature in the project.
    • Release version 1.0.1 of the project.
    • Create a distribution of release 1.0.1.
  4. Deploy the Updated Project to the Green Environment
    • Add the green environment.
    • Copy CMS data from the blue environment to the green environment.
    • Deploy release 1.0.1 in the green environment.
    • Switch production traffic routing from the blue to the green environment.


You must have completed the first Deploy in Bloomreach Cloud tutorial. You will re-use the Bloomreach Experience Manager project you created in that tutorial.

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