Configure Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.


Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator allows the integration of commerce backends and the customization of behaviors through configuration.

Bloomreach Accelerator Configuration File

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator reads its commerce-specific configurations from the file by default, using the "Advanced Configuration for HST Container" option described in HST-2 Container Configuration page. That is, it is shipped with the default conf/platform.xml and conf/hst.xml, each of which includes the file, like the following example:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  Aggregated Platform/HST Container configuration XML for Bloomreach Accelerator.
  This XML file is loaded before either or
  <!-- assuming you deploy the distribution with an uploaded configuration file which is to be renamed to ''. -->
  <properties fileName="${brc.appconfigfiles}" />
  <!-- brc.appconfigpath will be supported for better control in the future (ref: -->
  <properties fileName="${brc.appconfigpath}/" />
  <!-- Or you may load it from somewhere else if not deployed on Bloomreach Cloud env: -->
  <properties fileName="${catalina.base}/conf/" />

This prevents from duplicating configurations in multiple files by including the shared commerce-specific configuration file.

The file is not included by default in a Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator. You should create the file by copying example properties from the conf/ and updating the properties properly for your specific Commerce Backend Platform(s).

For details on how to deploy a distribution artifacts with a configuration file in Bloomreach Cloud, see the Set Environment Configuration Properties page.

Use Available Commerce Backend Configurations

Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator includes out-of-the-box configurations for a growing number commerce backends. Using the provided commerce backends only requires specifying the physical connection properties in the Bloomreach Accelerator Configuration File, as described on each configuration's documentation page linked from Available Commerce Backend Configurations.

The goal is for Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator to eventually provide configurations for all popular commerce backends.

Configure a Different Commerce Backend

To integrate a different commerce backend, you need the following:

Contact Bloomreach if you require assistence configuring your commerce backend or if you want to stay up to date on which backend configurations are planned to be added to Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator.

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