Upgrade 14.3 to 14.4



Upgrade a Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation project from version 14.3.x to 14.4.y.

Upgrade Method

When upgrading from the most recent previous version (14.3.3), the rolling update method is supported for deploying the upgraded 14.4.0 project.

In all other scenarios, rolling update is not supported and a stop-start update method (such as blue-green) must be used for deploying the upgraded 14.4.0 project.

Significant Changes

Support for Inheritance of Experience Page Layouts

Experience Pages were introduced in 14.3. In 14.4.0, support for inheritance of Experience Page Layouts has been added.

See Experience Page Layouts Configuration for details.

Checker Repository Maintenance Tool

The Checker Repository Maintenance tool has been updated to version 2.4

Upgrade Steps

Perform Generic Minor Upgrade Steps

Follow the generic instructions for minor upgrades.

(Projects) Remove Camunda

Since version 14.4 Camunda BPM engine is no longer used to manage the review state of projects. Upon first deployment of the CMS all externally managed review states will automatically be migrated into the repository. After migration has finished the Camunda web application is no longer needed and should not be deployed anymore.

If your implementation project is using the Projects feature, make sure to study the Remove Camunda step by step instructions before the upgrade.

H2 Development Database Update, MVCC Parameter No Longer Supported

The h2 database used for local testing is updated from 1.4.199 to 1.4.200.

For projects created before Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.0.0 with the Relevance feature verify the MVCC parameter was removed according to the Upgrade 13 to 14 - Relevance: remove MVCC parameter from H2 database connection URL step.


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