Relevance REST Services


All relevance data that gets collected about visitors is available via a number of REST services. The CMS uses these REST services to render the Content audiences application.

Security Handshake

The Relevance Module's REST service is secured, and only accessible if you are logged in to the CMS and a security handshake between CMS and site has taken place.

To force the security handshake between CMS and site, open either the Content audiences application or a channel in the Channels perspectve. Both actions will generate Ajax calls from your browser to a REST API in the site. The first of these Ajax calls will trigger the security handshake.


Once the security handshake is done, the following REST services are available:

URL Output
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/visitors List of all current visitors
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/visitors/VISITOR_ID/details Targeting data and matched segments of a visitor
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/visitors/VISITOR_ID/requestlog The request log of a visitor. Each log entry also contains all targeting data that has been collected for that request.
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/characteristics List of all characteristics
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/characteristics/CHARACTERISTIC_ID List of all target groups in a characteristic
localhost:8080/cms/_targeting/personas List of all segments


List of all segments that use a certain target group

In production, replace ' localhost:8080' with the host name of the CMS.

If the CMS host differs from the site host (e.g. '' versus ''), all REST urls should get following suffix to make them work:

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