Set up a Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise Project

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Steps to create a new Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise project

  1. Get an account for the Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise Maven repository and add it to your Maven settings.

  2. Create a Maven project using the Bloomreach Experience Manager Website Archetype as described in the Get Started Tutorial (section "Create the project").

  3. Convert the Bloomreach Experience Manager Developer Edition project into an Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise project as described below.

  4. Add individual Bloomreach Experience Manager features, see the documentation of each feature. For example, Reporting Dashboard.

Conversion through Essentials

In Essentials, you can specify in the introduction screen that you would also like to use Enterprise features. Successful installation of Enterprise features into your project requires access to the Bloomreach Experience Manager Enterprise Maven repository as described in step 1 above. When installing an Enterprise feature (such as the URL Rewriter), Essentials ensures that your project is automatically converted into an Enterprise project.

If you just want to convert your project, but not yet add any Enterprise feature, you can choose to only install the Convert to Enterprise Project feature. Installation of this feature triggers (only) the execution of the conversion instructions documented below.

Manual Conversion

To convert your Developer Edition project into an Enterprise project without using Essentials, execute the following instructions:

  1. In the project's primary pom.xml, change the parent pom from org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-cms7-release to com.onehippo.cms7:hippo-cms7-enterprise-release, e.g.


    You can find the available versions of the enterprise edition release pom here:

  2. Also in the project's primary pom.xml, add the BloomReach Maven Enterprise repository:

      <name>Hippo Enterprise Maven 2</name>
  3. Add the following dependency to cms-dependencies/pom.xml

  4. Add the following dependency to site/components/pom.xml:

  5. You can now build and run the project as usual (see Get Started Tutorial).

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