Miscellaneous Upgrade Steps

Upgrade SCXML Workflow Definition

Hippo's document workflow is defined by means of an SCXML definition. In brXM 14 we have improved the default workflow definition provided by the product. If your project is using a customized SCXML definition, you should merge / reapply your customizations with the updated default provided SCXML definition.

To help with this, we've created a patch file containing the differences between the SCXM definition provided by brXM 13.0 and the latest one in brXM 14.

The relevant product changes are for CMS-12164: "Authors should by default have rights to copy (un)published docs, rename, delete or move unpublished documents in the CMS" and REPO-2239: "Editors/Authors should not require write permissions to folders".

Document types: new Boolean Radio Group configuration options

In version 13.x, the default 'true' and 'false' labels in a Boolean Radio Group could be overriden using the trueLabel and falseLabel properties. These properties were deprecated in 13.2.0 and have been removed in 14.0. A source property is available to specify a value list document containing items with the keys 'true' and 'false' and the desired values. If your implementation project's document types still contain Boolean Radio Group fields with the trueLabel and falseLabel options configured, you must replace these with the source property pointing to a value list document containing the labels.

See Selection Plugins Configuration for more information.

HST configuration: removed support for hst:defaulthostname

In version 13.1, a default host could be configured on the hst:hosts node using the hst:defaulthostname property. The presence of the hst:defaulthostname property prevented the Projects feature from working properly. Therefore, support for the hst:defaulthostname property was deprecated in 13.2 and has been removed in 14.0. If your implementation project still has hst:defaulthostname configured, remove the property.

Dashboard Shortcurts: rename workaround property to sortingWeight

In version 13, the CMS' dashboard shortcuts mechanism used to find and sort shortcuts based on a JCR property workaround. In version 14, this property has been renamed to sortingWeight. If your implementation project adds shortcuts to the dashboard, the corresponding bootstrap configuration definition should be updated. Make sure that the value is bootstrapped as Long, not as String.

Enterprise Forms: update EForms extensions that use PDFBox and/or Velocity

PDFBox and Velocity dependencies have been updated to their latest major versions in Bloomreach Experience Manager 14. If your implementation project contains Enteprise Forms extensions or otherwise logic that use PDFBox and/or Velocity, you may need to update your code.

PDFBox has been updated from 1.8.16 to 2.0.16. Please refer to https://pdfbox.apache.org/2.0/migration.html for a migration guide to help with updating your code.

Velocity has been updated from 1.7 to 2.0, Velocity Tools from 2.1 to 3.0. Please refer to https://velocity.apache.org/engine/2.0/upgrading.html and http://velocity.apache.org/tools/3.0/upgrading.html for Velocity upgrade instructions.

Relevance: remove MVCC parameter from H2 database connection URL

Bloomreach Experience Manager projects typically use an H2 database as SQL data store for relevance data in local Cargo-based development environments. In version 13.x, the default configuration for this data store included the MVCC parameter in the database connection url.

Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.0.0 now minimally requires H2 database driver version 1.4.199. In the next H2 database version 1.4.200, the MVCC parameter is no longer supported, see https://github.com/h2database/h2database/issues/2198.

In anticipation of updating the H2 driver to 1.4.200, the MVCC parameter has been removed from the default Relevance configuration and documentation for version 14.0. Implementation projects upgrading to version 14.0 should remove the MVCC parameter in order to be forward compatible with future 14.x releases.

In conf/context.xml, find the <Resource> element with name="jdbc/targetingDS" and driverClassName="org.h2.Driver". Change the url attribute from:




For a full example, see SQL data store.


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