Relevant Changes in Bloomreach Experience Manager 15

This pages describes the relevant changes between Bloomreach Experience Manager 14 and Bloomreach Experience Manager 15.

Major changes

Java 11

Bloomreach Experience Manager v15 requires Java 11. If you make use of the Bloomreach Cloud (OnDemand 2) hosting platform, the appropriate Java version to run your uploaded project distribution is auto-detected.

Wicket 9

Bloomreach Experience Manager v15 uses version 9 of the Apache Wicket framework, implementing a Content Security Policy (CSP). Project customizations depending on the Wicket framework may need to be updated, and the loading of 3rd party resources may require customization of the CSP.

Delivery API v0.9 Dropped

Version 0.9 of the Delivery API has been dropped in Bloomreach Experience Manager v15. If your project is still using v0.9, it should be adjusted to using v1.0 prior to the upgrade. The SPA SDKs are still supporting v0.9.

Minor changes

  • The Relevance module now supports Elasticsearch 8.
  • Culturally insensitive terms have been removed from Bloomreach Experience Manager v15.
  • Support for the Camunda workflow process management library (used by the Projects feature) has been phased out.
  • Support for the Unified UI (with Bloomreach Discovery) is being phased out; The corresponding Essentials plugin has been removed.
  • Support for generating PDFs upon submission of "eforms" has been deprecated. If you are using this functionality, please get in contact with Bloomreach Support.
  • GET requests at HST action URLs are now rejected with HTTP status 405 "Method Not Allowed" by default.
  • The default visitor cookie/header of the targeting module has been renamed from _visitor to visitor.
  • Groovy Updater Scripts log messages are now written to regular log files using the logger org.onehippo.repository.update.UpdaterExecutionReport (instead of written to JCR nodes and displayed in the UI when running the script) in all scenarios except when using profile (local development).
  • Various 3rd party libraries have been upgraded.
  • Support for the HST Enterprise Caching has been removed.
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