Delivery Tier Search Queries



Construct and execute search queries and render the results in Hippo's delivery tier.


Hippo's delivery tier (HST) provides a Java API to create and execute searches. When a query is executed, an HstQuery object is translated into a JCR XPath query, which is executed in the Hippo Repository. The Repository returns JCR Nodes as hits, which are mapped to HippoBeans in an HstQueryResult object.

Delivery Tier Search APIs

Hippo's delivery tier provides two APIs for constructing and executing search queries:

  • Fluent Search API
    This API is available since Bloomreach Experience Manager 11.1 and provides a way to construct queries that is intuitive and results in robust and readable code. This is the recommended search API for new implementation projects.
  • Legacy Search API
    This was the only available search API until the release of Bloomreach Experience Manager 11.1. Future releases of Bloomreach Experience Manager will continue to support this API and existing projects using this API can continue to do so.

Both APIs provide equivalent functionality. The only differences between them are the improved robustness and readability of the Fluent Search API.

Render a Search Query Result

Regardless of the API used, the result of a search query is provided as an HstQueryResult object. Therefore, rendering a search query result is the same for both APIs. Example JSP and Freemarker templates are provided at the following page:


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