The GlobalLink Connector

GlobalLinkConnector is deprecated since version 6.0.0 for brXM 15

The GlobalLinkConnector is deprecated because it's using an outdated Java API to connect to GlobalLink Project Director's API. See at

Moreover, this Java API depends on an implementation of '' being present in the JVM, which is no longer the case on Java 11, since Java EE is absent.

Projects can still use the connector but will have to provide such implementation. A known solution is to add this Maven dependency to the CMS, but note that this pulls in a lot of other dependencies.


Connector repository configuration

Having installed the GlobalLink connector, it resides here in the repository:


Configuration settings are to be taken from your  GlobalLink / account. Apply for one if you don't have one yet.

All configuration at the translationsaddon:connector node:

String property Default value Description
globallink.fileFormat Hippo_XML  
globallink.maxWaitDays 5  

Turn on translation results processing scheduler job

As also mentioned at the Configuration page, be sure have translation results pulled into the repository, by enabling the trigger at


Set the property hipposched:enabled to true (checked) and save the changes.

You can also change the value of hipposched:cronExpression to adjust the time interval this job runs to check translation results on remote server.

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