Q: How to Override CRISP API module version in my project?

Sometimes, there could be newer versions (as results of mainteance releases) than the default version of CRISP API pulled in by the parent release pom (hippo-cms7-release or hippo-cms7-enterprise-release) dependency of your project.

If you want to use a newer maintenance release version in your project, you can override hippo.addon-crisp.version property in the root pom like the following example:

    <!--***START temporary override of versions*** -->
    <!-- SNIP -->
    <!-- ***END temporary override of versions*** -->
    <!-- SNIP -->

So, in the example shown above, it is overriding the default hippo.addon-crisp.version property to use the specified version instead of the default version pulled in transitively by the parent release pom dependency.

Q: Can I map Resource objects to domain specific POJOs?

Yes, POJO mapping has been supported since v2.1.1. See POJO Mapping Support page for details.

Q: How to Override Internal CRISP Beans?

All the internal CRISP beans are defined in hippo-addon-crisp-core-x.x.x.jar!META-INF/spring-assembly/addon/crisp/crisp*.xml resources. If you want to override any bean, you can redefine a bean in site/components/src/resources/META-INF/hst-assembly/addon/crisp/overrides/*.xml file. For example, you can override org.springframework.http.client.ClientHttpRequestFactory bean for more advanced HTTP Client Connection handlings.

Q: Can I use CRISP in non-CMS delivery / authoring tier applications?

Yes, CRISP API and CORE is basically independent from CMS specific APIs. You can use it almost in both delivery-tier and authoring-tier applications.

Q: Can I use Circuit Breaker Framework together with CRISP API?

Yes. Please see Circuit Breaker Pattern with CRISP API page for detail.

Q: Which is more crispy, Granny Smith apples or CRISP?

Depends. If you're more interested in baking or cooking than programming, perhaps Granny Smith apples look more crispy, but if you have struggled with implementing backend integrations in content delivery or authoring tier on and on, probably you will pick CRISP.

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