JMX Management Beans Support


By default, Bloomreach Experience Manager exposes several JMX MBeans to monitor the performance of the CMS and Site. These MBeans are exposed on localhost only by default. Below you find an overview of the beans that are exposed by default.

In your site application, you can add your own MBeans using the HST Container's support for MBeans with Spring Framework JMX Integration Support.

Exposed MBeans


The MBean org.hippoecm.repository:type=Repository,name=statistics exposes several statistics of the JackRabbit content repository.


The following MBeans are provided for monitoring the HST session pools for the different site users:

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPool,name=default

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPoolCounter,name=default

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPool,name=preview

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPoolCounter,name=preview

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPool,name=binaries

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPoolCounter,name=binaries

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPool,name=writable

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPoolCounter,name=writable

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPool,name=hstconfigreader

  • org.onehippo.hst:type=SessionPoolCounter,name=hstconfigreader

Each MBean above represents org.hippoecm.hst.core.jcr.pool.PoolingRepositoryMBean or org.hippoecm.hst.core.jcr.pool.PoolingCounterMBean. The former represents the pool configurations and current states, while the latter represents (increasing) counters for monitoring purpose.

Next to this, the HST exposes by default MBeans for each instance where Ehcache is used. Currently, MBeans are exposed for the runtime statistics and configuration of the Ehcache instances used in the binaries servlet (binariesCache), the page cache (hstPageBlockingCache) and the cache used for static Webfiles (hstWebFileCache). See the Ehcache documentation for more details how to monitor Ehcache.


When a project uses targeting, the following four MBeans are exposed to provide monitoring for the four relevance data stores:

  • com.onehippo.cms.targeting:type=Targeting,name=RequestLogStat

  • com.onehippo.cms.targeting:type=Targeting,name=StatisticsStat

  • com.onehippo.cms.targeting:type=Targeting,name=VisitStat

  • com.onehippo.cms.targeting:type=Targeting,name=VisitorStat

The MBean com.onehippo.cms.targeting:type=Targeting,name=VisitorService exposes the current settings of the Visitor Service.

Remote access

Bloomreach Experience Manager exposes the MBeans on localhost only by default. If you want to allow remote access, then you need to configure some system properties either for your JVM or for your container such as these for Tomcat. You can use JConsole for monitoring.

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