Configure the Channel Type and Region Icons



Configure the channel type and region icons in the channels overview.


Channels in the channels overview are represented by a type icon (e.g. website, mobile) and a region icon (typically a country flag). These icons can be customized through configuration.

Channel Type Icon

The channel type can be configured via the Console on the channel node itself:

    hst:type: website

The default type values for which placeholder icons are provided are:

ipad-magazine, mobile, website
If you modify the channel type, don't forget to update any blueprint configuration if needed.

Channel Region Icon

The region icon is determined by the country code in the locale (e.g. CN in zh_CN) that is defined on the appropriate mount or present via the content root.

In previous versions of Bloomreach Experience Manager the full locale (e.g. zh_CN) was used to determine the region icon. For backwards compatibility the system will fall back on matching the full locale if no available icon matches the country code.

Default icons are provided for the following countries:


Use Custom Icons

Custom icons can be used by storing them in the repository. The locations are configured via path templates stored as properties of the node /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/hippo-channel-manager/channel-manager-perspective/channel-list:

  channelRegionIconPath: /content/gallery/channels/${region}.png/${region}.png/hippogallery:original
  channelTypeIconPath: /content/gallery/channels/${type}.png/${type}.png/hippogallery:original

The defaults above uses the placeholders ${type} and ${region}. From versions 14.7.14 and 15.2.3 onwards, placeholders ${id}, ${name} and ${locale} can be used as well, which are the values of the corresponding properties of class

I18n support for custom types and locales can be achieved by overlaying the resource bundle org.onehippo.cms7.channelmanager.channels.ChannelIconPanel in your project.


You have British and Australian channels and you want to display the corresponding flags in the Channels overview.

Create or obtain 16x16 icons of the British and Australian flags and use the corresponding locales for their filenames. For example, if you use the PNG file format:

  • en_GB.png
  • en_AU.png

In the CMS, open the Content application and select Images.

Add a root folder and name it "channels".

In the new "channels" folder, upload your icon files.

In the Console, browse to the node /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/hippo-channel-manager/channel-manager-perspective/channel-list.

Add the property channelRegionIconPath and set its value to the following pattern using the ${region} placeholder:


Write your changes to the repository.

The British and Australian channels should now have corresponding flags in the Channels overview.

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