Version Control Issue with Experience Pages


Some users might experience version control issues on the experience manager for Experience Pages. This happens when the user creates an experience page as well as a sitemap for the document and links it to the channel. The result of it is that the page is redirected to the current version instead of the specified version.


br_version_uuid parameter is missed on the front end side request.

Environment Details

  • brXM  - 14.7.5

  • SPA-SDK - 15.4.5

  • Page Model Api - 0.9


Follow the below steps to solve the problem:

  1. Troubleshoot by enabling debug flag to see what the SDK does, and on the other side observe in the site access logs if there are differences in /resourceapi calls regarding the br_version_uuid parameter between the root versions selection and the other, working xpage version selection.
  2. If br_version_uuid parameter is missing, Then it needs to be explicitly re-added to the calls to the Page Model API (/resourceapi), in a NextJS/server-side rendering SPA.
  3. If the parameter is available and the issue still persists, contact the Bloomreach Support.

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